Rita Ora performs “R.I.P.” LIVE for Billboard.

I only like this song in acoustic, stripped form!!!!

Sannnngg it RITA gorl.

Nobody’s Perfect (Live) x Jessie J


Natty-Bedroom eyes


She’ll Never Know (original)

how do i tell her, tell her how i feel
how do i love her, let her know that its real
although i promised, to not do this no more
we are just friends, thats all she should know

This is precious. Is it okay if I decide to marry Demitri? He plays guitar, he’s wildly attractive with a cute smile, and he writes adorable music. That adequately satisfies all four of my life partner requirements:

  • Must play guitar
  • Must be wildly attractive with cute smile
  • Must write adorable music
  • Must be named Demitri

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